Welcome to Heitmann & Associates

The small town law firm getting BIG TIME RESULTS!

We are NOT a “big machine” type firm, with dozens of attorneys and hundreds of support staff.

We do NOT have thousands of clients rarely even meeting an attorney let alone a name on the door.

We do NOT just get the minimum done to work on the next case behind you.

At Heitmann & Associates, all we do is accident law.  We handpick our clients,and take them on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t charge our clients anything unless we win.

Our clients meet with and work with their attorney one on one. We keep it personal because we believe you are not a statistic – you are person who had a devastating thing happen to them, and who deserves to be treated that way.

Our clients will tell you the same thing:

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Jen L.
Attorney Heitmann treated me like a person,not a case.

Andrew S.
When I was had questions, they took the time to answer them.
I called from the accident scene, and they talked me through what to do.

Rachel B.
When I called, I got to speak to attorney Heitmann himself.
He seemed genuinely worried about me and the kids after the accident.

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